what i learned with this Olympic Games

I follow Olympic Games, since Seoul 88 when my father woke up me to see Brazilian soccer team won all games until the final with a very young Romario did goals in every game. I know that 88 was my first memory of Games because in 88 had a advertising with the last Brazilians athletes gold medals (Oscar, Joaquim Cruz, Lars Grael and Robson Santos) and i didn't have memory about this conquests. Since Seoul i follow every Olympic Games in detail.
But Rio 2016 was very different to me, because i had two strong input for my point of view.
The first one is the process that i passed to finish two full Iron Man. Now, i can image what is a professional olympic training and what are the sacrifices that the athletes pass to go for these competitions.
The second strong input is that i was in Rio and saw important games (i can't believe, but i was in the last gold medal of Michael Phels).

 The education process

The competitions emerge on tribal periods. The hunter that get more meal have privilegius. And who can deny that the competition bring evolution in our well being. 
Development society all ready understood that sports is a very efficiently training for important aspects on life. The best universities of the world facilitate the graduation for they best athletes, because understand that if the guy is committed with the training will be the same with the profession. 
Put the kids to make sports is one of the best thinks for learning important skills like working in group, leadership, strategy etc. 
The people that make Iron Man are guys that work more than 50hs week and can training more than 20hs week. Discipline is a skill that we can improve, nobody born disciplined.
The training of sports learn you that if want a big goal, you have to make a miles of small steps. In the Iron Man is it very visible, you can't stop running two weeks because you want sleep. If you want finish an good Iron Man you have to run every week, even that you don't want.
After to stay 5hs in a bicycle, almost every challenge will seems small.
This is cliche, but investments in sports is a investment in a important individual education and will make a better society.     

An Olympic Medal, is incontestable but think about legacy 

As Brazilian we know that our country  


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