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what i learned with this Olympic Games

I follow Olympic Games, since Seoul 88 when my father woke up me to see Brazilian soccer team won all games until the final with a very young Romario did goals in every game. I know that 88 was my first memory of Games because in 88 had a advertising with the last Brazilians athletes gold medals (Oscar, Joaquim Cruz, Lars Grael and Robson Santos) and i didn't have memory about this conquests. Since Seoul i follow every Olympic Games in detail.
But Rio 2016 was very different to me, because i had two strong input for my point of view.
The first one is the process that i passed to finish two full Iron Man. Now, i can image what is a professional olympic training and what are the sacrifices that the athletes pass to go for these competitions.
The second strong input is that i was in Rio and saw important games (i can't believe, but i was in the last gold medal of Michael Phels).

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