Can meditation be co-related with yoga?

In the beginning Yoga had just meditation and debates about what the Man truly is. What prove it is the first Yoga Book's - Yoga Sutra by Patanjali written in III A.C.
In this book you have 3 positions, simple mentions of pranayamas (breath exercise) and talk a lot about meditation (samyama) and speculation about life and how universe works.
In VII D.C some YogINs questioned the castas and became share information with some another groups that disagree whit the castas system. In this period, the philosophy of Yoga influenced the budism, jayanism and other religions or self development systems.
That's why today a lot of practice use the meditation like a tool.
Actually mediation is really essential because is a time to see whats happening inside of yourself. Everybody need it, independent what they believe.  


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