The Data Ethic

I just saw the Wikileaks movie on NetFlix. I remembered when the Assange story blew up, i commented with a friend that Assange had the best movie script ever.
This movie is a documentary, so if someone wanna try the movie about it, i'm pretty sure that will be a success. So, i didn't make a big research of Julian Assange because what i realized that issue it very important independent if the facts on documentary are real or not.
Julian Assange was a premature hacker. Many evidences point the Julian was the responsable for the hack attack on NASA computers just before the launch of Galileu Spacecraft in 1989.
He made the WikiLeaks, a website where people can share all kind of information, usually about governments of all the World. The flag of the Assange is - without all information we cant make a good decision on politics. So he ask for free expression on the web.
This discussion begin with the documents that Wikileaks shared with information of Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The most impact was this video!  

You can say: "the terrorism is a big threat."
I agree with you and i always thought that all information about terrorism has to be secret. But in the other hand, this kind of situation, open a window for the government select all the information that is important for them. What have to be "secret"or not. This is crucial decision. Because if the government can hide any information, they can manipulate everybody.

How many true a government will hide if they have a permission to do it?

The history of Assange showed what i want to say.
The documentary show the history of the rape that Assange was accused.
When the video blew up, Assange was accused by American Army of a war crime with Bradley Manning the guy that stole the information inside the Afghanistan War and extradited for Sweden.
He was one of the most famous guy in that moment. A superstar hacker. Of course, the woman want him.

In the version of the girls, he made sex with two girls and they confirm with each other that Assange tore the condom with both. So they asked to him to make HIV test and in the first time Assange deny.
After that, they went to police and make a oficial charge. After that he made the test but began day that never saw the girls before.
So Assange make a Wikileaks for the government don't use a secrets information against the people. But when the girls accuse him for a fail, he took a lot of fake information about the girls and share ir in all the places. Saying things to lower the morale of the accusatory.

Who Knows What Has to Be Secret?

So the data ethic isn't a easy discussion and will be one of the main issues for the next years.  



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